SAT I/II as a predictor of academic success

rudy rouhana
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 07:35:39 -0800 (PST)

Not to ninja this thread completly, but I personally think they should make the
high schoolers take something like the LSAT.  Aside from the lack of a math
section which could be added easily, the Logical Reasoning, Read Comp. and
Logic Games sections are pretty thorough.  The only thing I would change is to
give them SLIGHTLY more time since at 16 to 18 years old it's unlikely that one
has acquired the test taking strategies necessary to do really well.  That
would keep the advantage from swaying too much towards higher income brackets
that have $ to pay for study courses.

Overall, aside from the fact that I think the LSAT is a better gauge of problem
solving ability, I thought the test was pretty unbiased.  Sure, as with all
exams certain groups score higher than others.  This is always going to be the
case when $ to access additional study aids comes into play.  In fact, I'm not
aware of how you could design a test that pre-test preparation wouldn't help in
some way.  Giving everyone access to a Kaplan like course and improving the
overall educational system is really the answer, not changing the exam itself. 
However, the exam itself is pretty straight forward.  It's one where even if
you don't understand some of the vocabulary (a usual area where racial bias is
seen), it doesn't matter.  The questions aren't about the meaning of the words,
but rather the logic in the statements.  That can be derived from simple,
understood words like "for", "always", "never" etc.  One fact that can't be
ignored is that now women are the majority of law school students, so the LSAT
is certainly not inhibiting them from attending.  The flip side is that if your
male, you're at an advantage now with law schools trying to maintain a 50/50

Anyway, just my thoughts.  I just think the SAT is a joke and is too easy to
score high on.


ps.  I even received a letter from the SAT Corp. thanking me for finding a
mistake on the exam.  Not bad for being hung over at 8 am on a Saturday...which
is really the only challenging way to take it.

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