In other news... was Re: Flood O bits.

Jeff Bone
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 02:22:32 -0600

Why can't the freakin' Bushes eat?  Dubya faints when swallowing pretzels;  Pops spontaneously
spews vomit on foreign heads-of-state...  Intelligence is one thing, but *surely* we can find
folks to do that job who can at least manage *eating* without a major incident.


Elias Sinderson wrote:

> Bill Stoddard wrote:
> >Depends on how the Bush administration handles it from here. Ashcroft was dead-on in
> >recusing himself from this investigation. Enron gave $$$ to lots of Democrats too
> >(including my anti-gun buddy Chuckie Schumer). There is sufficient mud to go round.
> >

The worst thing about the Enron debacle?  Joe Lieberman at the head of the senate committee
investigating it.  (I just don't like Lieberman, he's the antithesis of everything I think I
believe in:  he's a moral absolutist and authoritarian who believes in lots of high-dollar,
low-efficiency centralization / federalization of services and paternal gov't in general.)
Seriously, though, poor choice for an attack dog, IMO.  Just from an appearances perspective,
any investigation he heads up will always be questionable given the potential axe he has to
grind with this administration...  given the gravity of the situation, it would be nice to not
have that "motivation" problem lurking.

See?  See?  Equal opportunity critic.