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Subject: [consume-thenet] Wireless Summit Up

Dear all,

As you may already know Ben Laurie, Adam Burns and YT took the
lengthy trip to west coast US to contribute to the 2nd Freenetworks
Wireless Summit in Seattle.

We joined representatives from many of the active groups in the US
and spent a Friday and Saturday reviewing respective projects, aims
and ambitions as well as updates on custom hardware and software
development of Access Points, Antennas and meshing strategy. There
were as many as 20 present and we all gained insight and exchanged
information in an relaxed and productive series of sessions.

Most notably a strong recommendation for NoCats captive portal
scripts that draws wireless web users within range of an access point
to a user authentication or simply a node ID/acknowledgement html
page, from where data and services available may be illustrated. It
also offers an approach to IP allocation that helps with roaming use
and standardisation of set up.
Please have a look yourselves http://www.nocat.net

Many of the US groups have begun sharing node location and map
building tools available at personaltelco .. and whilst still in
development at this stage demonstrates well how we might resolve the
mapping of UK consume nodes. http://maps.personaltelco.net/

A couple of those at the summit came to preview new hardware and
request finetuning of a spec for custom access points products that
are available now in limited numbers or will available for
distribution by April 2002. These ranged from simple wireless IP
bridge (sum $200), routing capable twin pcmcia twin NIC  to the pully
features M3 utilising multi MiniPCI multi NIC, routing, flashcard
bootable..power over ethernet.. all swinging.. with integrated
antennas and futher adaptability... all very tasty !

This resulted in development spec you can see at

On the Sunday we found ourselves at the heart of the monthly Seattle
Wireless meeting at which some fine examples of practice and insight
were presented. There were over 100 attendees many of whom had made
the trip from out of town.. The hardcore stayed well into the night
following the wind up of the public meet.. Adam and I escaped for
overdue food and then beer and a rack at the local pool hall.

I am looking out for a more fully miniuted report of the sessions to
surface at which time I will pass them on or at least present the
links to detail. Each group involved has either a useful component to
investigate  (and maybe include if you are node building) or an
approach that will freshen up your view on what all this network
building amounts to, so it's worth visiting each site for a peek. You
will find a short list on the front of http://www.freenetworks.org

er... so much more happened.. I guess you had to be there  (;

Like I say, more later


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