Trouble in IMland

Gordon Mohr
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 18:15:40 -0800

There are so many problems with this article I hardly know
where to begin. But I'll try anyway.

(1) "Demand for multimedia instant messaging is expected to 
    be strong"? Yeah, right. Text IM is enough for 99% of
    users. Text IM has taken off while accompanying voice/
    video apps have sat unused -- and not for lack of bandwidth
    or microphones. In fact, text IM is often *better* than 
    voice/video, since you can more easily give text IM 
    fractions of your attention.

(2) Sending files works just fine in all the popular 
    instant messengers. I expect they all do the reasonable
    thing, which is to open a direct connection between
    endpoints whenver possible, and when that's not possible,
    either fail or use a proxy. It shouldn't take until June
    to define an IM type that says, "HTTP GET/PUT the given 
    file here".

(3) The whole friggin' point of pre-IM SIP was as a 
    signalling channel to start sessions in other, more
    appropriate protocols. You mean they broke this when
    adapting SIP for IM? 

I'm willing to chalk the muddleheadedness up 50% to typical 
tech-journalism confusion, 50% to the ill-considered marriage
between SIP and IM/P initiatives.

And whatever happened to IMUnified?

Time to bring back PIP-DEMO! [*]

- Gordon


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> And the protocol wars grind on and on...  my commentary?  SIP
> was a bad idea then, and it's still a bad idea --- catchy
> evolved acronym notwithstanding.
> jb