Trouble in IMland

Jeff Bone
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 21:44:43 -0600

"Stephen D. Williams" wrote:

> Remember, I was working on a hush-hush (Ha!) startup, had written all of
> Buddylist 1.X at AOL, and had created and built a project called Instant
> Images at AOL that was a high volume, scalable video conferencing add-on to
> IM.  I did all this in 95-97, long before Yahoo's recent realtime imaging
> addon to IM.

Yup, them were the salad days. ;-)  It's sometimes painful to contemplate how few
of our sky-high aspirations for this technology have been realized in 5-6 years,
hmmm? :-(

> Firewalls and
> NAT routers block more or less anything but outgoing TCP connections for
> large segments of Internet users.  Nobody liked the huge SIP standards docs
> either.

To the first point:  yes, they were stupid.  (Many of us were, some of us
learned. ;-)  To the second:  yes, horrifying.

> I'll find a way to play in the IM/Presence space, but now it's pure
> guerilla, open source, lean and mean.

Right on, brudda! :-)