Too modest to puff his own horn, Thomas Stewart takes on (the fai lures of) knowledge management.

Meltsner, Kenneth
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 16:41:51 -0500,1643,36747,FF.html

Pretty much hits the nail on the head: explains why case-based help desk software isn't sufficient; why poorly organized email lists beat well-organized archives, etc.

Don't get me wrong: I've placed a chunk of my livelihood on the line pushing "knowledge management."  And I've always tried to pay attention to the non-technical aspects of the problem, and have heaped scorn on techie fixes for human issues (e.g. reusability by collecting all the great stuff that we know is out there, somewhere....).  Unfortunately, it's clear I'm still on the steep part of the learning curve.

I may even spring for the book when it comes out.

Ken "Even my initials spell KM" Meltsner