Aw Shite!

Thu, 17 Jan 2002 15:54:20 -0800

First off, another huge round of props for google, which supplied the
answers to all my questions:

John you're right :)  looks like they did the same damn thing, leaking bits
about a new product, delaying that product and then discontinuing the old.
You'd think Handspring might learn from the past, but it doesn't appear so.
I hope they don't suffer the exact same fate as Osborne tho.

(a 26 lb computer the size of a briefcase.... holy shit, you kids really had
to rough it!)

And to think I hear people carp about carrying 7 lbs.

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> Old enough?  I used to sell Osbornes (Byte Shop of Berkeley/Track Computer
Center -- summer job 1979 and assorted fill-in periods).
> Ken