Building the semantic web

Dave Long
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 11:20:36 -0800

> Well .. that's partly right. Philosophically, I'm a
> nominalist.

Okay, I'll bite.  Shouldn't that be:

"Philosophically, someone who calls
themselves a realist would say that
I (Russell) am a nominalist"

or do I misunderstand the problem?
All this property and relationship
talk sounds uncomfortably like RDF.


Bacon, _Advancement of Learning_ (1605)
> Surely, like as many substances in nature which are solid do putrify
> and corrupt into worms; so it is the property of good and sound
> knowledge to putrify and dissolve into a number of subtle, idle,
> unwholesome, and, as I may term them, vermiculate questions ...
> For the wit and mind of man, if it work upon matter, which is the
> contemplation of the creatures of God, worketh according to the
> stuff, and is limited thereby; but if it work upon itself, as the
> spider worketh his web, then it is endless, and brings forth indeed
> cobwebs of learning, admirable for the fineness of thread and work,
> but of no substance or profit.