Technical help needed: IIS Guru?

Stephen D. Williams
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:52:17 -0500

Josh wrote:

>Thats really odd.  I've never seen that before.
>Its sort of funny, but many of my unix savvy friends end up
>in situations like that.  I guess its because they try to
>outsmart the machine, whereas typical windoze users
>change very little.  Then again, maybe it just knew that you
>dont like it.  :)
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try all of that.  First I'll have to 
upload an image of the Win2KServer CDROM.

>If you have the terminal server installed in remote admin mode, I'd be happy
>to help
>if you are stuck.   I can log in with terminal server and we can share the
>same display
>while we work through it together..
Ick!  I doubt that is secure, not to mention that I wouldn't think of 
putting a MS server actually on the Internet.  It's firewalled inside a 
Linux server.  It's 500 miles away and I try to avoid bugging my buddies 
at the ISP.

I get to it via ssh to the box and then via a private network and then 
use TightVNC.  Works great.

I'm running Win2kServer inside VMWare 3.0 inside RedHat 7.2 on a nice 
Dell 2450   dual PIII 866Mhz w/ 2GB ECC ram and 5 18GB 10K rpm SCSI RAID 
5.  I also have an external Firewire dual drive enclosure with dual 
160GB drives, however A) the embedded IDE only sees 127GB each and B) 
firewire hard drives hang the default RedHat 7.2 kernel...  I bought the 
Dell server at the LifeMinders .com auction late last year!

The Windows server is running on an internal network.  I'll use a 
reverse proxy to allow web access to IIS.  I know that VMWare isn't 
causing the problem; it never seems to be the issue.

If trying all the above doesn't work, I may take you up on the offer. 
 Time to start uploading the CD...


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>Subject: Technical help needed: IIS Guru?
>>As a favor for a friend (and against my better judgement), I'm setting
>>up a Win2K Server with IIS.  I installed SP2, configured a virtual web
>>site with the single fixed IP address of the server, and have the server
>>behind a firewall.  It's really on a private net at the moment.
>>When I try to start the web services ('net start w3svc' among other
>>methods), I get:
>>A system error has occurred.
>>System error 127 has occurred.
>>The specified procedure could not be found.
>>Nothing in the event log except event ID 7023 from Service Control
>>Manager saying: The specified procedure could not be found..
>>Any suggestions?
>>I've googled all I can stand with no hits.
>>I may have missed an IIS setup step, so feel free to be pedantic on this