Hey kiddies

Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 14:19:31 -0500

100Mbit fast ethernet outpaces 12Mbit USB.  Just setup a network link.

Firewire is the fastest you can get on a laptop currently, 40-50MB/sec. 
(400Mbit).  Although you can use it between computers I believe, that's 
not normal.  You'd have to use a firewire harddrive which would make a 
great backup device also.


carey wrote:

>Hello fork,
>  HAve a question here.
>  I want to set up my old lappy to run debian (which is yet another
>  issue altogether).  My first big problem is transfering the data.
>  I'm curious what the cheapest fastest method of doing the transfer
>  (a few 100mbs of good stuff) would be, as well as if anyone knows
>  any USB methods outside of the laplink method?  I can't imagine
>  laplink is the only game in town that makes USB connectors, but I
>  can't seem to find any other folks who sell this kind of data
>  sharing USB cable.
>  Any ideas?