AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Sun, 20 Jan 2002 04:46:42 -0600 (CST)

How did I miss the beginning of this thread?  Forever, Red Hat has been 
called the AOL of Linux.  I called it that when I was a Slacker, and had 
it slung at me while wearing that Red Hat.  It's a sad, sad thing, but 
living at that place (remember when working at a startup meant living 
there?) and watching the suits and suit sluts come in and do the 
corporation of the thing was an ugly affair.  If anyone enjoyed it, it was 
Mark, who walked out, stiff and tense in his expensive suit, the one he 
wore with a stiff back and a frown, and he didn't enjoy it till way after 
that, I'm sure.  But of course there was Bob there, on the board, to make 
sure that things would be OK.  


Anyhow, Red Hat is not as small and as eccentric as Netscape (Mozilla) was 
(is).  I agree that it would not be fatal to Linux to lose RH to AOL or 
similar ilk, but it would be a serious mar in the Linux community, simply 
because RH is the most widely used flavor of Linux.  It could certainly be 
overcome, and of course, AOL would not necessarily proprietariize? RH, so 
as long as it is free, it is free, even though what may seem to  be 
proprietary-hungry companies buy and create distributions of it.  Look at 
Corel.  (:  I don't see AOL buying RH as being something that would sink 
it.  But, "dumbed-down" or not, RH, if it has the same developers, willl 
be as sane and secure as it's always been (and yes, you are right.  It's 
never been sane OR secure, but so far the developers have been quick at 
releasing fixes), so many of the same companies, etc, will continue to use 
it.  We Slackers, years ago, thought that RH would sink itself with all 
it's readiness to make things proprietary,and, in a way it has, 
but in most  areas, it is still open, free, and properly organized.  (:
Cindy Dale
Cab Pilot, and Roving Computer Technician

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Eirikur Hallgrimsson wrote:

> Well, that's surprising initiative on the part of AOL.   Rather unlike 
> them.  I want to believe that they're just bluffing Microsoft.   I suppose 
> they did buy Netscape, but look what they did with that.   Red Hat is just 
> as small and eccentric as Netscape was.   Thank goodness Mandrake and Suse 
> are doing well.   For AOL to sink Red Hat would be sad, but not fatal to 
> Linux.
> This comes home to me because my present company ships Red Hat on 99% of 
> systems sold.  I suppose we could change to another distro if we had to.  
> I know exactly who would have to figure out how to accomplish that.
> We have shipped Debian, as a custom thing.
> I'm trying to imagine the dumbed-down Red Hat "AOL Linux" distro.
> 2/3 of the screen dedicated to advertizing at all times.
> Eirikur

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