Cool Tool: WeirdMind

Stephen D. Williams
Sun, 20 Jan 2002 18:17:29 -0500

I haven't looked at the Java ssh tools lately.  Quite a jump in 

WeirdMind seems to be the current culmination of a number of GPL'd tools 
on the free and open source side:

WeirdMind provides an SSH connection (via the old GPL version of 
MindTerm) integrated with the WeirdX Java X server code.  While a little 
large (600K vs. about 30K for the VNC client), it includes full SSH1 
ability including scp and ftp->sftp bridging, along with socket proxy.

MindTerm is now much more complete and has a dual personal 
($free)/commercial license($65/seat) license:

It now supports SSH2 and has a pretty slick GUI for recursive file 
transfer, tunneling, etc.  I think they have some integrated VNC 
solution, but I couldn't find it yet.

All of these are usable as standalone Java apps or as applets.

Combined with UML Linux (to give a fully virtual and safe Linux 
environment), this looks pretty useful.  Perfect for TechScouts for