AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Gary Lawrence Murphy
21 Jan 2002 02:11:35 -0500

>>>>> "L" == Luis Villa <> writes:

    L> ... Whatever they do choose to do on top of Linux will (I'm
    L> sure) be extremely easy to use- but I'm equally sure it'll be
    L> extremely limited in scope ...

Why believe this?  OS/X is pretty impressive for retaining all of the
UI features of MacOS while remaining flexible and unrestrained (from
my shell-only experience of it).  I'd say OS/X proves that Unix can
be tamed without breaking it's spirit, so why would AOL need do 
anything more than, say, pumping huge funds into Ximian ;)

As for why, there's the set-top box for one, and the not-.Net idea
that the browser and the desktop are one and the same.  AOL could do a
lot more selling if their service extended right down to the metal.
I know my neighbours prefer Dell and IBM because of the support.

Maybe I've missed something, but couldn't this AOL move be perfectly
in sync with Ximian's original grand plan of selling sysadmin service
to a non-sysadmin audience, delivering updates and maintenance over
the wire? (my Ximian info might be outdated, but this was the direction
I gathered both through the interviews we did with
and later with the talks they had with OpenCola)

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