AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Justin Mason
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 19:00:20 +1100

Luis Villa said:
> The problem with this scenario, Gary, is that I can't see any plausible
> reason why AOL would want to do any of this. Sure, they /could/, but
> they don't want to compete with MS- they just want to have an embedded
> OS and maybe something they can ship with extremely minimal desktop
> functionality. To compete with OS/X, you have to want to ship an entire
> competitive modern desktop- and I can't see why AOL would want to do
> that. Whatever they do choose to do on top of Linux will (I'm sure) be
> extremely easy to use- but I'm equally sure it'll be extremely limited
> in scope and not useful to those of us who actually hope/dream/etc that
> Linux can compete with OS/X or Windows on the business and home desktop.

As far as I know, AOL have worked with Red Hat -- on exactly what you
describe.  It was a tablet (iirc) running a Red Hat-based embedded Linux,
with a ported AOL client & Mozilla.  Obviously no user ability to install
new stuff unless it was part of "official AOL upgrades" etc.


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