AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Gary Lawrence Murphy
21 Jan 2002 17:05:30 -0500

>>>>> "E" == Eugene Leitl <> writes:

    E> unwashed masses want something else entirely than the elitists
    E> want, and they will inevitably enforce their predilection for
    E> bloat, featurism, lack of stability, terrible QoS, inflated
    E> hardware requirements, and overwhelming moronism (lowest common
    E> denominator) over further course of development.

You do, of course, have some reason to believe this?

Others have already pointed out the bloat and featurism of Mandrake
and SuSE.  _All_ those I know using the Redmond product frequently
complain of _all_ the rest of the qualities which you say they favour,
so I wonder, where do you get your market data?

The feedback I hear, in the press, on the street and from friends and
family, says the unwashed masses want two things: Device support and
software selection (specifically, games).  I have the exact same
wish-list requirements from Linux (tux-qfh just doesn't engage the
toddlers). Curiously, that's the exact same list we had in 1995.

I have to buy a scanner soon and I'm not looking forward to it.  Also,
if anyone would like a cheap webcam, I have several useless-to-me
spares (seems the Philips' are the only decent ones completely
supported by Linux, but you have to learn that through trial and

As for AOL and the "free distros" let's not forget Corel and Debian.
Oh, yes, it failed, because Corel has no vehicle to entice anyone to
buy their OS; AOL has a huge sales channel, many of whom may not care
much about the underlying OS if it delivers the features of device
support and software.  If they can even just fix and extend the
current PS2 emulator, I'll bet their audience will cheer.

btw, how _does_ one check the ink-jet ink levels from within Linux?
or would that be bloat?

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