Re[2]: Dear John Hall

Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:01:43 -0800

JSBI> If OJ the murderer is out, walking around,
JSBI> with money still, then why should these thieves --
JSBI> not murderers, just thieves -- spend time in gaol?

I hope this was a bit of irony, and not something you actually

If it is (and i'm sure there are numerous who probably agree with the
idea), that's just sad.  Just because justice inevitably fucked up in
one situation does not excuse the necessary need for that justice to
work in the next.  By that logic, no one would ever serve jail time,
we'd all be communing with hundreds of thousands of murderers,
rapists, thieves and general bad folks.  Instead, justice is mostly
ok, gets the job mostly right, and we're stuck dealing with a small
percentage of the really really bad folks.

As a side note, I think the bastards of the board need to suffer.
OPenly, swiftly and painfully.  Through the pocketbook preferably, as
well as jail time.  Save for Sherron Watkins (for those not following,
the woman who disclosed her concerns to Ley earlier on in the game an
divulged letters to the authorities), they should all suffer
heniously.  Make THEM pay back all the lost retirement funds.  Make
them spend some time in real jail.  Let it be public, so that they
can't save face or spin it to oblivion.  I'm tired of these corrupt
sons of bitches getting off.  The government can spend tons of time,
energy and money going after kids who do drugs, or who hack machines,
they should sure be able to do the same for the bastards that
undertook one of the largest scams in American history.

And all the politicians should do like a select few already have, and
return all the donations and fundraising goodies that they were given
by Enron/Anderson.

I wish.


Best regards,