Re[2]: Dear John Hall

Joseph S. Barrera III
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:10:37 -0800

> Behalf Of carey
> JSBI> If OJ the murderer is out, walking around,
> JSBI> with money still, then why should these thieves --
> JSBI> not murderers, just thieves -- spend time in gaol?
> I hope this was a bit of irony, and not something you actually
> propose.

It was irony, really. Bitter, bitter irony.

> divulged letters to the authorities), they should all suffer
> heniously.  Make THEM pay back all the lost retirement funds.  Make
> them spend some time in real jail.  Let it be public, so that they
> can't save face or spin it to oblivion.  I'm tired of these corrupt
> sons of bitches getting off.  The government can spend tons of time,
> energy and money going after kids who do drugs, or who hack machines,

Or presidents getting blow jobs,

> they should sure be able to do the same for the bastards that
> undertook one of the largest scams in American history.


- Joe