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> And you can bet none of them will face jain, underlings will take the fall.

what do you want to bet? 

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       Interviewed on CNBC on Tuesday, Maureen Castaneda, who was Enron&#8217;s director of foreign exchange and sovereign risk management, said that documents were shredded in the Enron building up until her final day at the company last week. She said that the documents were being shredded despite court orders forbidding the destruction of documents and emails from an Enron lawyer saying not to destroy documents.
       The shredding, Castaneda said, occurred in one of Enron&#8217;s accounting department offices on the 19th floor of the company&#8217;s headquarters. Castaneda&#8217;s office was also located on the 19th floor. She provided some of the shredded documents to lawyers representing Enron investors in a class-action suit against the company&#8217;s executives. She said that at least one of the shredded papers contained the word &#8220;Jedi,&#8221; a likely reference to Joint Energy Development Investment, one of the partnerships created by Enron.

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