Googlewhacking, a sort of hapax legomenon game

Gordon Mohr
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 16:58:34 -0800

Wayne Baisley writes:
> Expectorate lederhosen.
> This is harder than it looks/too easy/addictive.

I should note that the web page which coined the term 
"Googlewhacking" suggests pages that are word lists
or dictionaries should be excluded. 

Also, it is suggested that only words that appear
in count, but I think that's too
restrictive, because it disqualifies my attempt
at a high score:

mp3 ununquadium (17,900,000 x 13,900 = 248,810,000,000)

IMO, all element names should be in the dictionary!
And yet, my couplet above sometimes comes back with
one hit from Slashdot, and sometimes comes back with 
one hit from CERN. A googlesplit?

Of course, these couplets destroy themselves as
soon as they're posted to a web page and discovered
by Google. 

Another refinement would be to stay within a domain, e.g.:

Couplets should then be easier to find -- or even single
words with single appearances... flouride then the scoring becomes more important. What one
word or couplet is *most common* in the world at large,
while only appearing once within some interesting domain?

- Gordon