Enron solution

John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 21:22:43 -0800

To Adam: He wasn't an ex-head.  He was an ex-high up.  Further, I thought he
was about the only one that resigned early (like last March) in protest.  At
least I thought the 'whistle blower' letter mentioned him.

to Lorin: Did a political appointee seize control of the crime scene, refuse
access to the police, and have other people report they were seen leaving
the scene with boxes of documents?

But if you want a conspiracy, then why was *this* person the one who blew
his head off?  (See note to Adam).  It seems a bit curious.

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At 8:09 PM -0800 1/25/02, Adam L. Beberg wrote:
>Well, now that the ex-head dude commited suicide, they can all blame him
>everything, just like the pilot is always blamed in a plane crash where the
>pilot dies.
>Case closed. Now we can go back to talking about terrorists and paying no
>attention to the men behind the curtains stealing everything... Wasn't
>some war going on or something?
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I'm sure this was a "suicide". When will the right-wing freaks pounce
on this like they did on Vince Foster? Oh, wait, never.
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