Enron solution

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Sat, 26 Jan 2002 16:36:59 EST

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<< But if you want a conspiracy, then why was *this* person the one who blew
his head off?  (See note to Adam).  It seems a bit curious.

Depression, duh. He rose n rose, did wonderful work, then couldn't save the 
company from what he saw was a mess; it made him feel powerless, he spiralled 
down; and then the prophecy proved accurate, and instead of feeling 
vindicated he felt responsible: If only I had spoken up more clearly, more 
strongly, I am a failure; or he felt utterly betrayed: all I believed in, all 
the people I believed in, were wrong, my life is built on sand and shadows, I 
am a failure. And then he's asked to testify about it, and it's all too much, 
he is a failure, and he's a big strong successful guy and can't imagine that 
he has a mental illness, besides depressed people don't see it anyway, and 
his family all thinks he'll get over it, he's just sad and tired and no one 
senses he's deeply, clinically depressed ..... etc

It's screamingly obvious depression. Poor sod.