More religious insanity

rudy rouhana
Mon, 28 Jan 2002 11:28:54 -0800 (PST)

--- carey <> wrote:
> Right. But this doesn't make the news, see?  Fonts are far far less
> important than artistic expressions.  While you have the right to respond to
> the directive choices made by the advertisers, you don't have much of an
> option (short of complaining) to Ashcroft, et al.  FURTHERMORE, and this is
> a big one (for this otherwise silly debate) advertisers pay for their
> decisions with their Own cash.  AShcroft is paying for his POV with my tax
> dollars.
> I therefore have a right as a paying, voting American to bitch if I want to.
> So nyah.

So vote, and if enough people in your State are intelligent enough to punch the
right holes int he ballot then the electoral representatives of your party will
put in place an administration with an AG who will be as open about statues in
the background as you want.

Until then, the only nudity I would get to see, and I bet the press would get a
kick out of, is Ashcroft whipping out his B.S.D and slapping everyone who
disagrees with him around with it.  He social engineered his way to the top,
now he gets to enjoy himself a bit, even at the taxpayers expense.  Hell,
Clinton whipped out his B.S.D. and most of you defended it! ;)


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