Collaborative Publishing and Project Knowledge Base/Documents: What's better than TWiki?

Vinod Kulkarni
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:15:15 +0530

Jim Whitehead wrote:

> One of the problems with Wikis for document management is the existence of
> large numbers of non-HTML documents, like spreadsheets. It's not clear to me
> how you "manage" these kinds of documents via a Wiki interface. You can
> certainly provide commentary about them, and a convenient link-based
> interface to them, but managing the actual bits is a challenge.

If we want to edit the document, do we want to do it with finer 
granularity? i.e. edit a paragraph at a time, or list at a time. If the
document is represented as a datastructure consisting of paragraphs, 
lists and tables, we can use TWiki to just pick up the right data for 
editing. I like this approach because
1. It will allow you to edit just the right portion of the file you are
2. Twiki doesn't have good 'editors' integrated with it. All it has is a
    text edit window. So loading a big document makes it very difficult
    to go to the right place to edit.

There are DocBook standards for XML representation of a document that 
can be integrated with twiki for this purpose.

However WebDAV would like you to edit whole document at a time. This is
becuase the version control should apply on whole of document at a time.

Both approaches are not really in conflict with each other. We can lock 
whole of a file even if we want to edit a small portion.