Lindows - Mike Robertson's New Groove

Luis Villa
29 Jan 2002 15:22:40 -0500

On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 15:23, Antoun Nabhan wrote:
> "If they're alleging that people are going to be confusing Microsoft Corp. 
> with, I think there's zero potential of that happening," [CEO 
> Mike Robertson] said. "If people are confused, just remember that we're not 
> the convicted monopolist."
> <>
> Robertson, most of this list will recall, is the founder of 
> Lindows is an attempt to make a version of Linux that runs Windows 
> applications, and no, I don't know if this means fully reverse-engineering 
> the API or what. 

For what it is worth (for those not following Linux all that closely)
Lindows is based on a closed fork of the WINE project, which is in fact
pretty much a reverse engineering of all the Windows APIs. The public
version isn't perfect but it is pretty usable for a lot of things. It
remains to be seen how well Lindows' version works; initial reports are