voice applications - how does joe-sixpack build one?

Mr. FoRK fork_list@hotmail.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 21:53:06 -0700

I was talking to a friend today about voice applications - using a phone to
get mail or info (other things are possible, but that's what we talked
He's running a mail server called X-Mail (or something) and it has a Web UI
written with some PHP pages. I made the comment that rending an inbox
listing with VoxML (or whatever the latest thing is) would be trivial & with
a little playing around you could do a simple voice app to monitor & admin
the mail server, or you could actually get/send mail this way.

The hard part is hooking up to the phone system - how do I get a phone to
hit a 'voice app server' that hits the HTTP+VOX enabled mail server?
He'd want to give this back as open source, but there is no corresponding
open source voice server - or is there?

I've looked at BeVocal - it seems that Talk2 is toast - does anybody know
how else this could be done?

I'd love to see a digital answering machine with some speech recognition
built-in that would proxy into a personal computer for contact lists & mail
& whatnot. I could call /my/ home phone and bounce out to the web or do
whatever, without needing a publicly available voice server.