NYTimes.com Article: Why We're So Nice: We're Wired to Cooperate

Gary Lawrence Murphy Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com>
23 Jul 2002 12:25:33 -0400

>>>>> "O" == Owen Byrne <owen@permafrost.net> writes:

    O> Well, IMNHO, its because companies do not reward knowledge
    O> sharers. When time comes for evaluation, there isn't a line on
    O> the page saying "Helped others to succeed with their projects."

And yet, in my experience, it still happens, but always "unofficially"
and "off the record".  It's as if we believe that "the gods" will
punish us if we are seen to have behaved in a human fashion while on
company time, either by being caught red-handed, or having the
paper-trail finger us later.  Yet even CEOs will "pull strings" to
make things happen, and, also in my experience, those are the moments
when things actually do happen.

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