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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:08:07 -0500 (CDT)

Okay, I'll ammend that to LIVE OLD tree saving, like the thousands of 
acres of virgin pine forest that was razed here in MS so that our military 
can practice desert warfare?  Fought it for years, lost, now there is a 
stand of trees up and down Hwy 49 that's supposed to try to hide the fact 
that a huge portion of the Desoto Ntl. Forest is gone.

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Marty Halvorson wrote:

>  > So my thanks to those who are active in:
>  > tree saving (okay, I help some here, but never enough)
>  > drug rehabilitation (-smirk-  shut up, I'm serious)
>  > keeping some of our freedoms intact (see tree saving)
>  > health care reform
>  > puppy dog rescue
>  > education (move this one to the top of the list)
>  > etc (lots and lots of etc)
> I can agree with most of this list except tree saving.
> Please understand, I'm in favor of forests.  I'm not in favor of messing 
> with natural processes that forests and trees have evolved over millions of 
> years.
> Every time I look toward the west from my house I see the result of overly 
> aggressive tree saving.  The Cerro Grande fire that destroyed many (200+) 
> houses and an area bigger than Boston.
> The Santa Fe watershed, which has as many as 1200 trees per acre in an area 
> that if left to nature would have 30-60 trees per acre.  When the Forest 
> Service attempted to cull trees in their part of the watershed, the tree 
> lovers stopped the program with law suits.
> A number of other projects have been stopped by similar suits.  For 
> example, a fire south of Los Alamos that left many usable, but partially 
> burned, trees standing.  The Forest Service started a project to allow 
> loggers to take those trees.  Hah!  The tree lovers stopped that.  Can't 
> have the loggers go into the forest even if the trees being taken are 
> already burned and the roads necessary to get to the trees are already built.
> A Forest Service official has stated flat out that the tree lovers need to 
> understand their responsibility in contributing to the number of 
> uncontrollable (i.e., crown fires caused by very dense tree stands and 
> under growth) fires by their suits to stop any tree removal from the 
> forests managed by the Forest Service.
> I am writing having survived another season of forest fires.  One that saw 
> many more fires than normal because of the severe drought occurring here in 
> the Southwest (even though there are still quite a few fires burning).
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