Bush Official threatened Taliban in July 2001

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 11:46:49 -0700

Owen Byrne wrote:
> ":The Bush White House stepped up negotiations with the Taliban in 2001.
> When those talks stalled in July, a Bush administration representative
> threatened
> the Taliban with military reprisals if the government did not go along
> with American demands. " (to allow an oil pipeline across their country).

Some selective quoting there.

"As documented in the book I coauthored with Guillaume Dasquie, "Bin
Laden: The Forbidden Truth," the Clinton and Bush administrations
negotiated with the Taliban, **both to get the repressive regime to
widen its government** __as well as__ look favorably on U.S. companies'
attempts to construct an oil pipeline."

> .... So the world's richest country threatened the world's poorest
> country with annihilation, and Afganistan responded in kind.

Don't see anything there about annihilation. The US did not annihilate
the Afghani people even after September 11. As far as I know, they've
not annihilated anyone since the debatable case of the native peoples.

You put so much spin in your bits that my bogosity meter goes into

Also, consider that this seems to be only reported by Salon. And the
Salon guy is flogging his own book. Would you accept this level of
evidence if the article made the American administration look good?
Google doesn't turn up much else.

 * http://www.google.com/search?q=Abu+Hafs+pipeline+taliban+memo

In fact, if you poke around you find many more accusations in the
opposite direction. The Americans were turning a blind eye to the
organizing terrorists in Afghanistan because they wanted so badly to be
on the Taliban's good side so that the pipeline would go through.

 Paul Prescod