Space Elevator Redeux

chris arkenberg
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 15:27:10 -0700

>A space elevator...somethign that stretches from the ground into
>space.....Yea I think that might get thier interests.

Maybe if it were used to fortify a missile defense system... or 
secure trading futures for Chase-Manhatten.

I still feel that the sheer grandeur of a space elevator is not 
reason enough to bring it down. Until the space program becomes a 
vehicle for greed or militarism, it will continue to be regarded as 
politically benign. Besides, any future space programs, especially of 
such a magnitude, will be international endeavors, not the sole 
output of American Capitalism.

And how does one sever cables made of carbon nanofibers anyway? I 
think Bill's reference to removing the counterbalance would be a bit 
prohibitive for all but the most financially and technologically 
secure terror entities. I suspect that such a construction could not 
be brought down by a simple plane collision...

My three bits,