Silver lining of the spam & virus epidemic...

Joseph S. Barrera III
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 18:52:59 -0700

chris arkenberg wrote:
> Whoah dude! I feel like I just looked into your asshole and saw all the 
> way up to your hindbrain, all reptilic and covered in chancres, floating 
> in a pool of primordial endocrine secretions. I am afraid yet I cannot 
> look away. In this darkness something stirs in the corner... the scrape 
> of talons on steel? the rip of flesh from bone? the stench of flatus? I 
> fear it yet I can only draw nearer, nearer to the cavernous maw of 
> cynicism and self-loathing that threatens to devour, devoid of caring 
> yet bound to tell it like it is so that future generations of 
> slackmongers, bitjockeys, and wareriders will not succumb to the ways of 
> Harley. A middle-aged Chapel Perilous, I am spat out the other end onto 
> wet concrete, the taste of remorse clings to my tongue, my body glistens 
> with gelatinous protoplams. I am reborn.
> Truly now I am a Forker.

Damn. Definitely in the top 3% posts of all time.

Someone's gotta start maintaining AdamR's old FAQ and adding pointers
to gems like this. Please, someone volunteer, otherwise I'll have to
do it and then get called a fascist again.

- Joe