Uplifting Brin

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 13:26:07 -0400 (EDT)

So what is this now.. anyone who disagress with
Brin is simply a trouble maker, not an adult and thus not
"smart" enough to a part of "civilized" society.

Ithink Brin has got some cool ideas about opening up the window of
visability on the gov but where he falls down is the trust is issue.

Brin forget the adage that power corupts and absolute power corupts

The balance of power in a totaly Brin open society will be balanced on a
trust that the Gov in charge does not just clmap down and make it all one
way or the highway. By trusting the gov in this we are essentialy turning
in our guns and trusting the gov will let us have the same freedoms now
that we are an unarmed mass.

The Cypherpunks do come off often as being the lonegunmen-dressed-in-black
-knights-of-the-impossible-cause.....but thats a very needed role to have
on most any society. While .001% of the populace is doing that role they
are comming up witht he means and ways to subvert things if they should
all get "one way or the highway"esque.

Brins dismisall of them as a group seems more ego driven than practicle.
Brin needs to uplift his sense of participation in the grander picture of
the complex rather than build on his self written place of importance in
the Brin Utopia...

Unlike Brins books if his best laid plans get fuxored we do not simply
wait around for the sequal for some deus ex machina solution...we will be
in deep dog pew.

Brins got some good points, but his overall utopian plan is liek many
other big utopian plans we have all seem..flawed by the fact they are
dreamt of by the one and do not take into account the millions...and
millions..on complexities  that the beings known as humans will infect it