Can't do that anymore

Gordon Mohr
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 10:40:09 -0700

Russell Turpin writes:
> You're confusing the Declaration of Independence
> with the Constitution. Between the first document
> and the second, an entire national government was
> constructed and dissolved. Everyone forgets about
> the Articles of Confederation.
> The Constitution is entirely secular. It does not
> mention a creator or a god. It carefully allows
> affirmations instead of oaths, wherever either is
> required. It forbids any religious test for office.
> It forbids establishment of religion, and guarantees
> the free exercise thereof. And those are its only
> references to anything religious!


It's amazing. It's beautiful. How did they manage
such a thing, tiptoeing around religion so adroitly,
so as to create something which easily transcends
specific religious fads? 

It's almost as if they were divinely inspired. 

- Gordon