The Shays-Meehan Spam Finance Bill

Elias Sinderson
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:40:09 -0800

Unfortunately an earlier email I wrote up on this was munched by the mail
system and never made it through. Thankfully this list has enough
like-minded and bright people that the issues I brought up have since been
mentioned by others. At any rate, I just wanted to comment that I think
your estimate of 95-99% is probably on the high end. I actually use several
IMAP accounts: school, work, personal and the secret, anonymous, paranoid,
spam-magnet, not-associated-with-me-in-any-way-what-so-ever-account that I
use for online ordering, rabid flames, etc. So now you can count three
people you know in this category....  ;-)


Luis Villa wrote:

> You're over-engineering things, here. 95% of the population sticks with
> one email address and with one email client. And the other 5% likely has
> other options, anyway. True, this is getting less and less true
> (particularly wrt cellphones) but at the moment I wouldn't at all be
> surprised if it is even more than 95%- more like 99%. There are only two
> people I know who regularly switch email addresses between more than two
> accounts, and one of them is forced to because she is in Africa and can
> only access one account in each village/town she visits.
> Luis