involuntary spam filtering: STOP IT! [PTN.20020226.0090F]

Kragen Sitaker
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:38:01 -0500 (EST)

Gary Lawrence Murphy writes:
> "Technology requires that we implement the above restrictions" is
> bullshit, quite frankly, a cop-out, passing the buck to a faceless
> non-entity.

By my reading, Meng Weng Wong's "current technology requires that we
implement the above restrictions on a universal basis" should probably
have an "or not at all" appended.  There is text in that message
explaining why implementing them universally was preferable to not
implementing them at all:

   In the meantime, in the face of rising amounts of spam, we had to
   make the decision that we felt would please the majority of our
   users.  According to our user surveys, most of our customers are
   comfortable with our decisions.

I trust that the above is true, and it puzzles and offends me that you
responded to it with (what I read as) accusations of dishonesty.

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