Move to Canada!

Meltsner, Kenneth
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 15:19:31 -0500

I lived for three years in the Western Pennsylvania equivalent -- Johnstown.
While the place was certainly cheap enough and labor was plentiful, there
was also a nasty streak of xenophobia and "you don't belong unless you were
born here."

On the plus side, they had an airport with a 747-sized landing strip and
were about 3 hours from Washington DC.

While I'm sure that the business establishments of Johnstown would be
thrilled to have a new business, the current residents might not be.  And
the locals that have money are quite happy with the status quo, and often
fight any planned "intrusion" by outside concerns.


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It's not just the technology centers.  Major IT businesses are
starting to realize that the rural "wasteland" is in fact a massive
resource of highly cost-effective locations with eager and welcoming
town councils.  I've been chanting that assertion since at least 1985,
but I'm glad to say that others are starting to come around.  First it
was just the call-centers in search of cheap (read "desperate")
labour, but now it's including even manufacturing businesses I would
not have expected.

A case in point: Owen Sound recently welcomed a computer assembly
plant for a company who supplies computer systems to off-shore oil
rigs.  The geographically astute will realize that Owen Sound,
Ontario, at the end of a long stretch of 2-lanes of Highway 6 220km NW
of Toronto, is no where near any ocean.  You will also know that
Moncton, New Brunswick is very near the oceans, has 8-lane trucking in
and out of it, _and_ is highly wired. But Moncton, Ottawa, Newmarket
(Toronto) and others have priced themselves out of the market; Owen
Sound boasts a spectacular environment, low living and housing costs,
wireless and optic fibre connectivity, and is a mere 25 minutes from
the 4000' jet-fuel-available full-service runway in Wiarton (ie,
plenty big enough for a 737) ... by air, your average oil rig is
really not very far away at all.

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