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Looks like the government thinks we could all use some hardware enforcement. 
I wonder how they'll deal with already deployed, older, non-drm hardware?

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SSSCA Hearing 
Posted by michael on Friday March 01, @09:34AM
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larsoncc writes: "According to this article on CNET, a Senate Bill will likely 
force the issue of adding copy protection to hardware. They are giving the industry 
12 to 18 months to come up with a voluntary solution to the "problem" of copies, 
and if not... Well, you just have to read the article. Insane." Wired also has a 
story. The IP list published two interesting documents: an account of the hearing 
by an attendee, and a letter from Intel published immediately after the hearing. 
Read the letter carefully - note that the disagreement between the tech industry 
and Hollywood is not over whether or not copy protection will be implemented into 
every electronic device, but only whether or not this should be written into law. 
If the SSSCA isn't passed, Intel (and others) get a lot of leverage over Hollywood. 
If it is, Intel's leverage disappears. But since both sides want to build copy protection 
into everything, they only differ over the process, we're in trouble either way. 


Sen. Fritz Hollings told electronics companies and copyright holders Thursday that if they can't agree on a solution to digital piracy, the government will. 

Content Spat Split on Party Lines 

A Cop in Every Computer
The content and technology industries differ over an initiative that would build infringement-sniffing powers into new computers



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