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Tom tomwhore@wsmf.org
Sat, 2 Mar 2002 00:18:47 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Michael Watson wrote:

--]b) a near death experience, being dead for a period of time

I was dead for a year once, strickly for tax reasons. Then there was the
time I spent in Wallington NJ, which is almost like being dead.

--]c) a series of amazing sychronicity events as defined by Carl Jung

That pretty much defines this list:)-

--]e) my daughter turning 18

I ot a 7 year old and man I can not even begin to imagine 18. 

--]f) a recognition of the profound spiritual sickness at most hi tech companies

Heck, why stop there. There is a spiritual sickness in so many places
these days its amazin when you find somewhere not half one from karmatic

--]g) a sequence of powerful and magical dreams

Since i stopped doing double tall whorachinos before bed time I have not
had too many of these.

--]1) Can good code be art? Am I a software artist? How to display this art?

Yes, I dont know you that well (though works for windows was kinda cool),
simply by being.

--]4) Can we find meaning in writing code or should we look elsewhere?

"theres a million ways to laugh  and each one is a path" pt

--]5) Can a lunatic like Ted Kazinski still have something important to say?
see #4

--]6) Why does Bill Gates have such a profound lack of imagination? Why doesn't
--]he buy a space shuttle and take all of us who made him rich up for a ride?

see #4

--]7) What happened to the kid that loved writing code for his first computer
--](4k ram)?
see #4