Hello 2015

Michael Watson mikejw@cruzio.com
Sat, 02 Mar 2002 11:49:12 -0800

Ha! I know you are all right about Microsoft. I hate that company as much as
the next guy. Glad I got that off my chest. Sorry to bite the hand that fed
me. Oh man, what a company it could be though. Money corrupts even the best
programmers, and most of us don't mind being corrupted by money. I have
witnessed the explotation of human talent first hand and remained silent. 

Thank you all for welcoming me to the list. I appreciate your kindness. I
think it is only fair that I warn you all that I am recovering from a
serious mental breakdown. I watched the movie Pi again last night which
brought it all back to me. Instead of using a drill I used nitrous oxide. I
am a manic-deressive so when I ran out of lithium I started buying bulk
quanities of whippets. $10,000 dollars later, a trip to the mental ward
later, and 55 days clean later, my friends and family assure me that I seem
back to normal. I am not so sure, I don't know if I can write code anymore
and have been afraid to try. My warning is that I am sure I will get
hypomanic again and impulsively post something I will later regret.  I trust
you will all let me know when I am out of line. 

It is important to me that I no longer remain anonymous. I like this list
because it is out in the clear. I am aware that a future employer may read
this but I don't care. The subject line refers to a Sonic Youth song in
which the singer shouts hello to 2015. What is more important to me is that,
if the internet preservationists succeed, my children may some day read this
post, perhaps even my grandchildren. It is for them that I write here. I am
not a novelist so I can't leave a novel behind. It looks like neither one of
them is interested in learning to read code so my best code will go
unappreciated by them. Hello Jenny and Scott! If you are reading this and I
am dead and gone please remember that I always tried my best and I love you
so much it hurts.

2015 indeed,

At 01:45 PM 3/2/02 -0500, you wrote:
>> I am at a similar turning point in my life and your post has heartened me. I
>> am thinking along the same lines as you. In fact, one of my thoughts has
>> been to drive a cab to pay bills while working on open source code. However,
>> I am really turned off by the rabid anti-microsoft sentiments among some of
>> the open-source programmers. That is all well and good, but it would be
>> extreme ingratitude for me to join the chorus since I am currently living
>> off Microsoft Works money. Many of the programmers at Microsoft are just as
>> passionate about their code as any open source programmer.
>Dunno.  Maybe you can make amends by tithing all Works proceeds to the
>FSF.  ;)
>> I recently got a massage and during the massage I shared my recent
>> near-death experience with the therapist. She in turn shared that she felt
>> she was inhabited by personalities from the past. I am trying to keep a much
>> more open mind so I didn't even think to question her reality. Her comment
>> that really struck home to me was "There are many of us who have important
>> things to say but we don't know how to get our message out on the internet".
>I had the exact same conversion, from a strict materialist to an agnostic
>one.  I decided that whether people benefit from believing in magic
>matters a lot more than whether magic exists.  No regrets at all in the
>five years since making that change.
>- Lucas