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Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Sun, 03 Mar 2002 18:31:45 -0500

Well put.


Eugene Leitl wrote:

>On 2 Mar 2002, Luis Villa wrote:
>>For what it's worth, the development community (at least in GNOME) is
>>much less rabidly anti-MS than the user community. In other words, don't
>>judge the community by what you read on /. - the two have only a very
>>rough mapping. Yes, most of us [developers] don't particularly like MS,
>>but that isn't the primary motivation that we code. The best volunteer
>>I've ever dealt with (as a QA guy) was also a former Microsoftie, like
>>yourself, and he had no problem being accepted, because he did /damn/
>>good work. Hell, my boss (Nat Friedman) worked a summer at MS, and still
>>refers positively to some of his experiences there.
>Redmond used to get lots of talent, though probably not top talent. A good
>coder who's happy with a good salary and doesn't care what happens to his
>code after he's done nor about the business morals of his employer can get
>happy there.
>I can't really begrudge anybody being in just for the money, and job
>security -- a friend of mine does .Net there. He has a family to support,
>after all. I don't see how a contributor who does an opensource project
>after a Redmond stint can be looked down upon.
>Touching Redmond standards (.Net comes to mind) is of course very like
>accepting a ring from Sauron. Their record track has enough bad mana to
>need two decades of angelic behaviour to compensate that, and of course we
>all know what they're up to (digital rights management as a way to get
>your foot into content control).
>So count me in with the three monkeys. And any man embracing them
>willingly is either a fool, or a knave, or both.

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