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Luis Villa louie@ximian.com
03 Mar 2002 19:01:23 -0500

On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 17:47, Adam L. Beberg wrote:
> On 2 Mar 2002, Luis Villa wrote:
> > For what it's worth, the development community (at least in GNOME) is
> > much less rabidly anti-MS than the user community. In other words, don't
> > judge the community by what you read on /. - the two have only a very
> > rough mapping.
> The open source developer community is a meritocracy.

Not necessarily true; sadly, there is a lot of politics involved. But
yes, certainly moreso than many things in this world that claim to be

> The open source user community is a cheapocracy.
> So, you can work and make money and be hated by everyone with less money, or
> you can do open souce and have respect but the only people using your code
> are most likely cheap and ingrateful.

Also a sort of gross generalization. Yes, there are a lot of fucks, but
yes, there are a lot of very grateful people. One of the failings of the
Free Software community is that all too often, the channels for positive
feedback are limited and constrained, and so developers quit because
they don't think anyone cares, when in fact their tools are incredibly
useful and appreciated. They only hear from the negative ones; the
positive ones take it for granted.


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