Why they hate us...

Adam L. Beberg beberg@mithral.com
Sun, 3 Mar 2002 16:46:05 -0800 (PST)

In Atlas Shrugged Rand tells the story of a world where all the thinkers get
up and leave one day, leaving the rest of society to fall apart and starve.

So hasn't this in fact been happening for the last 250 years?

Say you lived in a desert between ~1750 and 9-11-2001, but you had the drive
to make your life and the lives of your children better, and were (important
bit coming) willing to do the work it took to get it.

What would you do?

You'd move to America of course, land of opportunity. Land of capitalism and
easily - but not too easily - bought government. A place you could work and
make money in general proportion to how hard you are willing to work. Your
children would have the benefit of a public educational system, and if you
work hard they could goto college and basicly be assured of a better life as

You evolve! - Simple enough right?

So now we have a bit under 300 million people in America. Recent immigrants
still working hard driving taxis and working the late shift at the quickie
mart, middle generations working hard running things, and older generations
known worldwide for their ability to sit on a couch and inability to locate
any country including America on a map, but still generally smarter then
other places. And somehow many Americans ended up atheists or just not very
religeous, religeon and science being hard to mix.

But what's left of everyplace else, all those deserts with no food, the
countries with not enough natural resources and overcrowding, the places
with no capitalism or easily bought governments. Well, all the hard workers
left, and all the smart people left, and all the people who didn't like
having nothing to feed their children left. They all left, leaving behind...
a big mess.

And now we're shocked when they are all fighting each other? We're shocked
they all hate "us", where "us" is the people that left "them" behind? The
fact that the only thing they know is a religeous text and how to use a gun
has nothing to do with it of course. They have noone to blame but
themselves, and their parents, and their parents parents. America isn't
hated by everyone quite yet, but eventually all the people that dont hate it
will move, further concentrating the hate.

Even America is now old enough to have these places. The projects for one,
trailer parks for another. They fight alot too, and hate "us" too, and have
guns and religeon too. These are the people that stopped caring and working
and evolving. We attempt to solve that problem by giving them just enough
money so they dont use their guns on "us" to steal enough to eat - and call
it welfare.

Or is it called foreign aid, either way the goal is the same. Since they
wont leave the bad places and work hard like we did, we pay them to not hurt

The problem is, this never works. Throughout history this has always ended
the same way. If we pay the barbarians (for some reasons the people that
dont move to the good spots always get called that) something not to hurt us
this time, next time they can demand a little more. Eventually we refuse to
pay and they just take it from us by force. And since they spend all their
time fighting over food, and we spend all our time sitting on couches
getting soft and easy to kill, the barbarians always win.

Preaty much every past civilization fell this way. Romans - sat on couches
and empire fell to barbarians (germans). Ottoman empire - sitting,
barbarians (europens coming out of the dark ages). England - sat on chairs,
empire fell to barbarians (everybody, heheh). Native Americans - sat in
harmony with nature, fell to barbarians ("us" in this case). Japan and China
seem to take turns being the barbarians. Over and over. You can almost
picture the group of cavepeople sitting in a cave all getting killed by the
non-sitting barbarians from outside the cave.

So, less sitting, more figuring out someplace with not much sitting and not
many barbarians either, because the American empire will most certainly fall
to the barbarians, that's just how it works. And all the people that are
willing to work to make their lives and their childrens lives better, will
move to the next place.

Or not...

- Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg