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I would further place spirituality after intelligence. I am attempting to
reach this stage with some success. I am now reading 'Robot: Mere Machine to
Transcendant Mind' by Hans P. Moravec. Interesting.

At 07:45 PM 3/3/02 -0500, you wrote:
>(AI is one of my strongest interests.  Other than writing and using rule 
>engines and just a smattering of neural nets, I'm saving my full 
>attention until later in life.  Partly this is because it has seemed an 
>unstable field income wise and partly I'm waiting for others to make 
>some advances past the painful infancy stage.  My long-term goal is to 
>found and run an AI research lab.)
>Self-awareness is much easier than full sentience.  It's only advanced 
>for organics because of how the brain evolved.  It's probably also 
>related to brain duality between logic (cerebrum, 'logical brain') and 
>emotion (cerebellum, 'limbic brain').  (See: "A General Theory of Love")
>Before you can really have this kind of discussion, you have to define 
>your terms which is the first area of wide disagreement.  What is meant 
>by 'self-awareness', 'conciousness', 'sentience', 'intelligence', etc. ?
>A quick dump of the first definitions that come to my mind:
>Knowledge of the thinking entity as an entity with state, attributes, 
>and characteristics which can be used to reason about the relationship 
>between the self and other entities and the world in general.  This 
>would also touch upon temporal reasoning about cause and effect 
>(self-improvement, aging, maturing).
>Awareness by a thinking entity that it is thinking, considering, 
>experiencing, choosing, controlling, and evaluating in realtime in what 
>appears to be (and may be) a single thread of attention.  At least 
>certain types of temporal experience, understanding, and reasoning.
>The ability to:
>o Usefully represent a large amount of knowledge including at least 
>discrete associations, logical concepts and relationships, and various 
>pattern classification abilities.
>o Maintain multiple simultanous goals with priority.
>o Interpret sensory input and make decisions based on knowledge, goals, 
>state, logic, and emotional interpretation.
>o Emotional processing ability (probably required, dependancy being 
>researched now)
>o Minimal reasoning abilities: syntax, counting, more/less, temporal, 
>certain levels of pattern processing, certain levels of logic, etc.
>(For Syntax see: http://faculty.washington.edu/wcalvin/bk8/bk8ch5.htm 
>and also: "The Language Instinct" )
>Someone I'm going to have to read up on, especially since he seems to 
>put his books online:
>A measure of the degree of sentience, conciousness, and self-awareness.
>A really great place to start thinking about how to rank these and gain 
>insight is to read about human childhood development stages and 
>malfunctions.  There are surprisingly clear ways that we mature through 
>sentient levels.  I've always found the statement interesting that: 
>"Adult chimps are as intelligent as 5 year old humans." (Not that the 
>statement is accurate.)
>Bonobos are also interesting:
>Gordon Mohr wrote:
>>I think many technologists conflate the issues of "intelligence"
>>and "consciousness". Passing a "Turing Test" would mean
>>something, but not necessarily that the passing entity is 
>>self-aware -- no matter how strongly it insists:
>>    'I' 'am' 'self-aware', 'really'!
>>- Gordon
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>>>To me this is the most interesting question facing software/hardware
>>>developers. What I find interesting is that programmers I have asked
>>>automatically say yes, of course. For me it is a theological question so
>>>argument can really go no where. God may choose to make one of our machines
>>>>>3) Is Ray Kurzweil even right, can man create consciousness?
>>>>Of course.
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