Why they hate us...

Michael Watson mikejw@cruzio.com
Sun, 03 Mar 2002 22:47:14 -0800

I was viscerally reacting to your implication that most people in third
world countries and trailer parks are dumb. As a former goverment cheese
eater, I still feel anger at people in better circumstances even though I
now realize I am *in* better circumstances than the vast majority of the
world's population. It is hard to shake off old feelings. Like many of us, I
am a few generations up from an irish peasant. That is a whole other topic
for discussion. I been trying to challenge these ideas I have inherited like
"if someone is nice to me they must want something from me".

I am grateful I haven't been flamed yet. I see that people on this list are
smart enough to realize when someone is presenting an alternate point of
view. I have an interest in fiction and the character I was unconsciously
speaking from, working class hero, is part me and part third world peasant.
For example, I have no problem with religious evangelism but I have read
that many people of other cultures do.

Yes, I do basically agree with you, if you are saying America is the land of

As for the europeans hating us, as I read on another post, let me drop into
my irish peasant persona and say "Who gives a flying fuck!"


At 07:59 PM 3/3/02 -0800, you wrote:
>On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, Michael Watson wrote:
>> I am going to go on a little rant here because your post rubbed me the wrong
>> way.
>Fair enough, you seem to agree with me tho.
>> Intelligence is not a priveledge of certain classes and smart kids are
>> being born all the time in the rest of the world. Obviously. Part of it
>> is a question of opportunity.
>Yes, they can be born anywhere, and they then seek out the opportunities and
>food, some better then others. You did OK it sounds like, working up less
>like the rest of us. I know huge numbers of people that were born bad places
>and moved better places.
>> My rage is the rage of all working class people against their 'betters'. I
>> am as upset as anyone about 9/11, but as Greg Kinnear said on the late show
>> prior to 9/11, that if the terrorists succeeded in blowing up the world
>> trade centers where all the bond traders work, about 20,000 people would die
>> but only about 20 souls would be lost (I am paraphrasing). Shocking yes
>Shocking no, noone can feel sorry for people whose job it is to do what the
>Enron execs did, only on a smaller scale. They have a good scam going, the
>people that have moved all the way to wallstreet. But those people had
>families and friends that may have been good people.
>That and it's entirely natural to hate people with more of anything then
>you. It's hard to be the alpha if someone else has more.
>> If I am a goat farmer from long generations of goat farmers and want my
>> son to be a goat farmer but he doesn't want to because he has been
>> influenced by western culture, then this is going to bring about a
>> certain amount of rage.
>Definately rage against the wrong thing tho. And more an envy of the childs
>greater opportunities isnt it? If they cant tell rage from envy, well that
>explains why THEY didnt move doesnt it :)
>> Then if MTV isn't enough
>This is simply to make people so stupid they cant use a gun, and we dont
>have to pay them not to hurt us. ;)
>> I agree with you about the barbarians at the gate but you better watch
>> out for the barbarians from the wrong side of the track in your town.
>Thus my mention of the trailer parks and projects. Our own little deserts.
>So what rubbed you the wrong way?
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