SDMI II: revenge of the nerds (fwd)

Eugene Leitl
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 20:11:45 +0100 (MET)

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Subject: SDMI II: revenge of the nerds

 Excerpts from Group seeks to set portable audio player standards

Co-organizer White said the group will take up where SDMI left
off on portable devices but that it will work to avoid the
mistakes that SDMI made.

Industry observers believe that SDMI grew too large for its
structure and had too diverse a membership base to agree on
anything. For instance, the group could not reach consensus on
a standard framework for digital audio content protection for
portable devices.

That was because the record labels held so much power in the
group that their concerns about content piracy became the
priority, some observers claim. SDMI became inactive shortly
after executive director Leonardo Chiariglione left in January

"After SDMI did not work out real well, Jim [Fleming] came to
me," White said. As the two saw it, "the record industry had its
concerns, and the IT group at SDMI [which comprised computer
manufacturers] had certain things they intended to do, but the
consumer electronics industry really never was represented as a
group at SDMI."

White said the new group seeks to change that. One task will be
to correct the lack of standards for portable-device content

The new group will differ from SDMI in that it will focus on
player-device vendors and their suppliers, and there will be
requirements for membership. Neither Fleming nor White would
say whether content providers, such as record labels, will be
allowed to join. They said they will leave that matter up to the
group's members.