Fusion via Nail Polish Remover

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Here are some links to other low-cost fusion efforts (using inertial
electrostatic confinement).


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> I haven't seen anyone post this yet.  Might be the most promising attempt
> to date of fusion, but it reminds me of the movie - 'The Saint' more than
> anything.  Science magazine is making this article public due to strong
> interest from those who don't get free access via their academic
> institutions.
> Tiny Bubbles Create Nuclear Fusion -- Maybe
> (Reuters) - Tiny bubbles imploding in a solution of acetone may have
> generated nuclear fusion, Russian and U.S. scientists said on Monday, in
> an experiment that, if confirmed, represents a giant advance in nuclear
> physics. The experiment was run in a series of beakers that would take up
> only a corner of any tabletop, using what amounts to souped-up nail polish
> remover and sound waves.
> (PDF) http://www.sciencemag.org/feature/data/hottopics/bubble/1067589.pdf
> http://dailynews.yahoo.com/fc/Science/High_Energy_and_Particle_Physics
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