They come and they go but stays the word of the 'ho

Wed, 6 Mar 2002 17:20:02 -0500 (EST)

When crapster came on the sceen my inital reaction was, this will last all
of three fad aseasons and then go boom. 

When Gnutella came along I wet my pants and cried like a newborn. It was
the dealio done up in such a way to outlast the fads, trends and
hypmongering of the generalmassaholics.

>From a post back in march of 200

"Ability to set up lists of ips makes this a tad better than napster imho
becuase it cuts out the central server crapola (which has always seemed to
be the Hamiltonian controling aspects of the net versus the Jeffersonian
Distrib ideas)"

Two days after gnutella was released the writting was on the wall for the
central server crap.

And now, look who is catching up:)-

Gnutella: File-Sharing Haven A rift between file-swapping companies
FastTrack and Morpheus is a boon for Gnutella. It's also good news for
users who can't be booted off the open-source system. By Brad King.,1285,50858,00.html