I-P: Capitalism vrs. commies

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
06 Mar 2002 17:29:59 -0500

>>>>> "O" == Owen Byrne <owen@permafrost.net> writes:

    O> ... The first seems to be more common in the real world (most
    O> notably in that greatest of conspiracies, Watergate) and yours
    O> seems to be more common in the X-Files world.

Aw, now, you mean to tell me alt.conspiracy does not tell the whole
truth and nothing but??!!!  I'm shattered.  It's good to know that
the publishing world has integrity though; after cyclamates, I kinda
lost faith for a bit.


FWIW: Here's an interesting read that binds the two, and does not
necessarily come down on the The River side:


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