I'm trying to think like an artist but nothin' is happening

Michael Watson mikejw@cruzio.com
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 23:18:20 -0800

>> I need to expand my mind a little more to let this all sync in. The way
>> artists talk is undecipheralble sometimes.
>That helps weed out people that can see through the bullshit.

A lot of it certainly sounds like bullshit but I don't want to dimiss it out
of hand so easily. I am struggling to find new ways to think. Artists have
their own language that may lead to some insight. My interest in code as art
is a way I see to take programming to the next level. I have learned many
computer languages and they now bore the shit out of me where they once
fascinated me. Since I write code for a living, I must think of code in a
new way.

I am inspired by Milan Kundera in "the book of laughter and forgetting":
What is Litost?
    Litost is a Czech word with no exact translation into any other
language. It designates a feeling as infinite as an open accordion, a
feeling that is the sythesis of many others: grief, sympathy, remorse, and
an indefinable longing. The first syllable, which is long and stressed,
sounds like the wail of an abandoned dog.
    Under certain circumstances, however, it can have a very narrow meaning,
a meaning as defininite, precise, and sharp as a well-honed cutting edge. I
have never found an equivalent in other languages for this sense of the word
either, though I don not see how anyone can understand the human soul
without it.
    Litost is a state of torment caused by a sudden insight into one's own
miserable self.

I asked a czech friend of mine about Litost and he confirmed that he really
couldn't translate it. 

Within my limited understanding of the word, I have been feeling much Litost

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