cigarette spam disclaimer

Bill Kearney
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 09:45:47 -0500

One has to wonder how long before legislation is going to make it illegal to
misrepresent a conversation in this manner.

A laywer friend of mine discussed whether it would be possible to sue the porn
spammers.  The thought being the nature of those e-mails being such as to impugn
his reputation with the management of his firm.  Stop laughing.  The thought
being that management of the firm might arrive at certain opinions based on the
content of these messages.  Opinions that would reflect negatively on the
character of the recipient.

The spamsters are getting more and more desparate.  It seems as they flail about
here they're treading into areas that put them at greater legal risk.

How long before people start 'outing' their neighbors as being purveyors of this

Where's my pitchfork, hmmm, light that torch, ok, now round up the angry mob of

-Bill Kearney