They come and they go but stays the word of the 'ho

Thu, 7 Mar 2002 18:56:02 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Eugene Leitl wrote:

--]I'm rather dispairing with what IP mafia has so far been able to come away
--]with, without sheeple even bleating a bit. If this is the new world order,
--]you can kiss technical progress good-bye.

Oh its not as bleak as all that grasshoper. Yea the IP Mafai is exerting
thier muscle, but the worst they can do is demassmarket the whole
distribution of information process.

In that case, its on to the less glittery but very possible future of
this...thats right back int he muck trench style gurilaz distribution.


BY ANY MEANS NESSECARY to quote Malcom the 10th.

Wireless, stegno, cds (I have already been working on this method for a
few years now, it works great), piggybacking on whatever systems folks
come up with, and in ways yet undreamt of.

Think of it this way. The main goal here, for me at least, is the ability
of everyone to have as much infromation as they want available to them.

We have gone from infromation consumption as an elete skill to a much more
broad scope of literate beings on this plaent in just he last 200 years.
Yes there is a long way to go but dang we have come such a long long way.

(side bar,  and im sure a whole other thread, is the definition of
literate. I tend to have it cover not just the written word butthe
ability to use the tools to gather , process and analyse infromation of
all kinds.)

IN the last 30 years alone there has been a boom in the ways and numbers
of people and thier access vectors to infromation. In varying degress
zines,  bbs's, the web, cd burners, streaming media, ftp, wireless, gui
evolution, and others have made more and more people want to learn to use
and abuse infromation for thier own ends.

SOnny Bono, Walt Disney, Hillary Rosen, the IP mafia and all teh
collective forces who wish to control and put a toll on all infromation
exchanges are simply the reaction to the action. 

They are the obvious children of advancement. That they exist at all is a
testiment to the power of what is going down.

They can stop it, this is true. They could turn around and do a Year Zero
campaign across the globe. In many ways they already have. Watching that
episode of the Proud Family with my kid was pretty scary. The though of my
kid thinking it would be proper to nark me out to her schools IP
Monitor for making her a copy of Arron Carters top hits is spooky and
something I personaly am fighting to combat.

Bottom line is we fight it by keeping up the progress.

Those who can code, code around the breakdowns of bad legislation. Those
who can inform, inform those around you as to whats happenign and whats
avaiable...dont forget its hard for the adicted to fight against the
druge. Those who are legaly savy, work the legal system.

No one of us can do a whole lot, but a whole lot of us can.

Strength in numbers, walk with da lion, united we stand divided we all